Sometimes Kalkau uses sound libraries

Sometimes Kalkau uses sound libraries

Sometimes Kalkau uses sound libraries. "We can’t bring up tanks here to pick them up."

The sounds can now be reproduced in high quality. "In the past, everything had to fit on one sound track, today a simple cell phone can handle an entire orchestra"says Kalkau.

What has also changed is that people from Lower Franconia can exchange ideas with other game sound designers. When asked about a professional association, he just laughs – the professional group is still far too small. But it is gaining reputation. Symphony orchestras perform their soundtracks. And Kalkau can name greats like Paul McCartney and Hans Zimmer colleagues. They have also composed video games.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Yes, there are fun racers beyond Mario Kart. Admittedly, they do not have it easy compared to the mother of all fun racers. But not everyone is deep in the Nintendo world.

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And so it happens that titles like "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" from Activision Blizzard to make friends. The title is a remake of the original "Crash Team Racing" from 1999.

That appeared at the time for the Playstation from Sony and put the figures from the "Crash Bandicoot"-Universe behind the wheel of various racing companions.


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Even those who don’t know the original game will quickly get used to the controls and the gameplay. In different game modes, up to four players can compete on a console on the split screen – and make life difficult for each other by using numerous items.

Up to eight drivers can compete together for the races online. Adventure mode is all about probing the villain Nitros Oxide and taking him out of the game.

In any case, the title is suitable for playing a brisk game in to start a community service essay Drifting through the corners requires a little practice, which is rewarded with a decent boost.

Skill is a little more important here than perhaps with "Mario kart" is necessary. But don’t worry, you learn that quickly.

For fans of the "Crash Bandicoot"Series, this remake is a must. But everyone else also gets a fun racer at a high level with a lot of guaranteed fun and brightly colored Bandicoot graphics.

"Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for around 40 euros.

The zombie apocalypse is here and players from "They are billions" are right in the middle. Whole hordes of zombies run across the screen in real time and keep strategists on their toes.

"They are billions": In real time against thousands of zombies

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Is anyone afraid of zombies here? Then "They are billions" maybe the wrong game. This is where you meet the proverbial zombie wave.

The strategy title from the independent development studio Numantian Games has already achieved some success on the PC. Now the zombies are also available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

A dystopia full of zombies

The setting is more than dystopian: a mysterious virus triggered the zombie apocalypse in the 22nd century. The epidemic has thrown mankind back to the technological level of the 19th century. As the henchmen of General Quintus Crane, players help rebuild human civilization. To do this, they set up colonies and fortify them against attacks by entire waves of zombies – at the same time lost technologies are rediscovered.

"They are billions" is a very challenging game – thousands of attackers (displayed in real time on the screen) take their toll. 48 missions await in the main mode, plus there are survival maps.

Mouse and keyboard on console too

And even if real-time strategy games are not exactly predestined for consoles: The developers have managed to control them well. If you find the controller inputs too clumsy in the long run, you can also use the mouse and keyboard in the console version – these input devices are also supported.

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The breaks are a good trick in the game: They can be used to forge strategic plans, erect buildings and distribute orders to the units. This is also a measure to cope with the high level of difficulty and not to get out of the game after a short time in frustration.

"They are billions" is released from the age of 18 and costs around 25 euros each.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A paradise for gamers: Games Week starts on Monday in Berlin. For seven days, visitors can try out various games. Over 15,000 people are expected.

Well-known stationary Nintendo consoles

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Seven days of play in Berlin – Games Week started on Monday in the capital. Until Sunday everything revolves around digital games in over 14 different formats.

The Games Week wants to show the whole diversity of the industry. Many events are gathered in the Berlin Kulturbrauerei this year. Around 15,000 visitors are expected, and private game lovers are expressly invited.

Award ceremony on Tuesday evening

The Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg supports the organizers with 600,000 euros. Game developers are also financially supported by the media organization, for example the Bildundtonfabrik with its title "Trüberbrook", which was nominated four times for the German Computer Game Award. The award, which is also supported by the federal government, will be awarded in various categories at a gala on Tuesday evening. 

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 With the event, Berlin also wants to present itself as a hotspot for the growing games industry. A total of 4.4 billion euros were turned over with games in Germany last year, an increase of 9 percent.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The CE mark is intended to ensure that a product meets certain requirements according to EU directives. Some manufacturers manipulate this symbol. How to spot counterfeits.

The Federal Network Agency warned of this in 2018

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The mandatory CE mark on products is not a seal from an objective test center. Manufacturers promise that their product meets all the required standards – and buyers have to trust them.

However, manufacturers from the Far East in particular are now trying to circumvent this simple assurance, warns the Lower Saxony consumer center. Devices such as WLAN amplifiers, miniature circuit breakers, socket adapters or power supplies with fake CE marks have appeared that look like the usual mark at first glance.

Manufacturer takes no responsibility for product

But if you take a closer look, you will see the difference: In a counterfeit variant, the C and E are too close together. In the other variant, the middle line in the E is too long. With these false and illegally affixed labels, the expectations of the buyer are ostensibly met, but ultimately the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for his product.

In addition to the correct CE mark, consumers should also pay attention to the company name and address of the manufacturer, advise consumer advocates. A product may only be sold in the European Union with all of this information. The consumer advocates advise to give preference to dealers based in Europe when buying in doubt.

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In the worst case, cheap electronics can endanger life and limb, but can also interfere with other devices. The Federal Network Agency therefore advises only putting devices into operation that are sold in addition to a correct CE mark with a permanently installed German plug type and operating instructions in German. A warning signal for inferior, potentially dangerous electronics is a noticeably lower price compared to competitors. The European Commission informs consumers, among other things, about the RAPEX warning system about unsafe products.

Sources used: dpa news agency

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – After the recent fireworks display, Wall Street continued to climb on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial, which had risen sharply the day before, was up 0.71 percent two hours before the end at 25,510.97 points. However, weak labor market indicators from the USA made it a little difficult for investors to orientate themselves.

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After a week of abstinence, the Dow returned above the 200-day line, which is a popular long-term trend indicator for the most famous New York price barometer among investors. The market-wide S&In tow, the P 500 increased by 0.68 percent to 2822.31 points. The technology-heavy selection index Nasdaq 100 advanced 0.55 percent to 7206.51 points.

Fired by the hope of falling US interest rates, investors have recently come out of cover again after the weak stock market month of May. Some US monetary watchdogs – including US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell himself – had recently given grounds for speculation that the US Federal Reserve could ease its recently more restrictive monetary policy in view of the tariff dispute and the associated economic risks.

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However, the rise in employment in the US private sector in May fell well short of expectations, which was seen as a warning signal by the market. Although this plays into the cards for investors when speculating that interest rates will be cut soon, it also dampens the prospects for US companies. According to portfolio manager Thomas Altmann from QC Partners, it shows that they are becoming more cautious in view of the escalating trade conflict.

On the corporate side, Apple shares were in the top third of the Dow with a 1.4 percent increase. After the papers of the iPhone manufacturer had recently suffered repeatedly from the US-Chinese trade dispute, CEO Tim Cook made investors more optimistic on this point. In the market it was pointed out that he had expressed the opinion in a media interview that Apple would not be a target for the Chinese.

Almost four weeks after going on the trading floor, Uber shares made a positive impression. After their weak start, they traded above their issue price of 45 dollars for the first time. The papers of the travel agent rose on the Nasdaq by 5.5 percent. At its peak they were trading at $ 45.22. These days, numerous analysts are optimistic about the papers with their initial assessment.

With numbers, the focus on Wednesday was on SAP rival Salesforce, whose shares rose 3.6 percent according to the quarterly report presented the previous evening. The software company had reported a surprisingly significant increase in sales and profits. In addition, the management was more confident about the new financial year.

In the small caps area, Campbell Soup was even more euphoric: The shares shot up by around 9 percent after the food company topped its profit expectations in its third quarter and was now more optimistic for the year as a whole.

Gamestop shares, on the other hand, plummeted by more than a third. Brokers spoke of one "disastrous" first quarter, which shows that the strong trend in video games is bypassing a classic chain of stores like Gamestop because of the tendency towards online games. A canceled dividend also drove investors away in droves.

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